Photo of Animator, Hannah Anastasi. With a feline friend...


Hello reader! My name is Hannah Anastasi and I am a Multimedia Artist, based in the South West of the UK. By day I am an Independent Animator & Director, by night a Visual Artist and during any remaining time in-between, you can usually find me doodling away in a sketch pad.

When I'm not busy chasing around Neighbourhood felines, I specialise in creating animated content for clients as a Freelancer.

My multidisciplinary background allows me to work in a variety of roles: from contributing art & design-work to ongoing projects, to conceiving, pitching and creating new ideas from scratch.

Having grown up in the 90's, exposed to all sorts of Animated Feature Films, cartoons and video-games from both the East and West, I am very passionate about Animation. So my goal as an Independent Animator is to create a collection of hand-crafted films in hope of helping to keep traditional methods of animation alive as an art form in an increasingly digitalised age of entertainment.

I carry this sentiment through to my commercial work too, where I try to bring a touch of hand-crafted style whenever possible.

I'm interested in working with enthusiastic people across the TV, Film and Video-game industries, and would love a chance to help you bring your ideas to life!

Photo of Animator, Hannah Anastasi. With a feline friend!