Animated GIF from "Sweet Tooth" by Hannah Anastasi.

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is an animated Microfilm that features a peculiar doodle nicknamed Crescent the Cat. His first action, upon being drawn to life, is to devour a large jar of multicoloured candy...

Animated GIF from LG V20 Animation by Hannah Anastasi.

LG V20: Wide Angle Cameras

A Looping, stop-motion animation made to advertise the LG V20's 120-degree wide angle lens feature, as a part of their media campaign: Life is better when you play more!

Animated GIF from Curry's PC World #SoFiveYearsAgo Campaign by Hannah Anastasi.


Short animation project commissioned via Talenthouse for Microsoft and Currys PC World's #SoFiveYearsAgo media campaign, to encourage women to upgrade their tech.

Animated GIF from "Commute of the Crow" by Hannah Anastasi.

Commute of the Crow

My first foray into film-making, Commute of the Crow is a stop-motion short film featuring Mr Crowe; an anthropomorphic business bird on a mission to make it to work on time.

Animated GIF from "DREAM BIG" by Hannah Anastasi.

DREAM BIG: A Snoopy Short

DREAM BIG is an animated short starring Snoopy and Woodstock. It was created to celebrate the launch of The Peanuts Movie by 20th Century Fox in 2015.



iHeartRadio: Customise your Life! Is a 15 second TV/Internet advertisement that I concieved and pitched to Internet radio company, iHeartRadio, in 2015.

Animated GIF from "Long Live" Lyric video by Hannah Anastasi.

"Long Live" RAM Trucks

Through Talenthouse's BlackBook service, I was commissioned by RAM Trucks to create a hand-drawn lyric video for their Long live media campaign.


(To Be Announced)

Personal project that ponders whether or not it would be in the UK's best interests to hand over power to the real brains in Downing Street: The Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office.

Animated GIF by Hannah Anastasi

(To be Announced)

A collection of some of my 2D animation tests coloured and blended together to form the visuals for an upbeat music video.





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