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"Long Live" RAM Trucks (2017)


As a part of it's Long Live the Storytellers Campaign, RAM Trucks partnered with crowdsourcing company Talenthouse, to pair five Nashville Songwriters with five video producers who would then create lyric videos for each song.

I was one of the five people invited to create a Lyric video, inspired by a song written by Gareth Dunlop and Brent Maher.

Music: "Long Live" by Gareth Dunlop & Brent Maher


RAM Trucks partnered with Universal Music Publishing Group Nashville to entice their roster of hit-songwriters to develop original songs based off of a simple “Long Live” creative brief which described RAM’s core pillars of Family, Courage, Hard Work, Integrity, Tenacity, Loyalty, Resilience and Community. Each developed their own song narrative with an original blend of rhythm, melody and story, which was then sent to the creative crowd-sourced platform, Talenthouse to bring to life as lyric videos. I was one of the five Creatives selected by RAM Trucks to create one of these Lyric videos, via Talenthouse's BlackBook Service.

I was given a short brief from RAM that outlined the core qualities of the company, as well as some typograhpy suggestions and colour pallet and the song. My proposal was a montage of scenes featuring a hard-working Father travelling across America on numerous road trips with his RAM Truck, accompanied by his young Daughter. During the course of the music video, the Daughter grows from a child, to teenager, to adult and the Father also ages, becoming an elderly old man by the final scenes, to signify the passage of time.

During each road trip segment, the locations would vary, but the colour of the Truck will remain the same, to subtly convey to the viewer that the Ram brand is long-lasting, durable and reliable. But I also wanted the focus to be on the amazing range of landscapes that America has to offer.

After listening to Gareth's song, I didn't feel it was right for the music video have a really modern design. I thought it would come across as more authentic and sentimental to keep it grounded in a traditional medium. So I decided to try a loose, illustrative, hand-drawn style, finished off with gouche paint.

Photo of some of the hand-painted backgrounds used in RAM Truck's "Long Live" Lyric video.
Image showing some of the hand-painted Trucks used in RAM Truck's "Long Live" Lyric video.

The Lyric video itself had to be kept quite minimilistic with little animation due to time constraints, but I hoped that the loose narrative told through the illustrations would be enough to encompass the values of Ram Trucks, without feeling too commercial in execution. The final video was published on Ram’s YouTube channel and in the Ram Life section of the brand’s webpage.

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