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DREAM BIG (2015)

"Snoopy is woken from his daytime nap by Woodstock, but is surprised to find that his little feathered friend is not so little anymore!"

DREAM BIG is an Animated Short that was originally created to celebrate the launch of The Peanuts Movie by 20th Century Fox.

This was my first attempt at hand-drawn animation, drawn by hand with ink and coloured digitally.

Music: "Vibe Ace" by Kevin MacLeod

Sound Effects:


After completing my first film, Commute of the Crow, I decided it was time to fulfill a childhood ambition: Learn hand-drawn Animation. But as soon as I bought my first peg bar and light box, I was struck with a bout of Analysis Paralysis. I had read Richard E. Williams Animator's Survival Kit - a book I'd highly recommend - and felt I had learnt a lot of the basics, but was still terrified of failure before even beginning.

I decided the best way to rid myself of my animating worries was to throw myself into the deep end and create an Animated Short featuring the Peanuts gang.

Charles M. Schulz once said that Woodstock "knows that he is very small and inconsequential indeed".

After reading this, I decided that I wanted to subvert people's expectations of the character by transforming Woodstock into a giant bird who is not as small and inconsequential as he may think he is!

With a time limit of 20 days, I came up with an idea, storyboard, and made a crude animatic to follow. There was no time to panic, so I sat and drew for 10 days straight.

Line Art from the animated short: DREAM BIG

The end result? I rid myself of my phobia! And in the process, I also learnt a lot about what type of work-flow I would have to adopt to be able to produce higher quality animations in the future.

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