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DREAM BIG: A Snoopy Short (2015)

"Snoopy is woken from his daytime nap by Woodstock, but is surprised to find that his little feathered friend is not so little anymore!"


DREAM BIG is an Animated Short that was originally created to celebrate the launch of The Peanuts Movie by 20th Century Fox. This was my first attempt at hand-drawn animation, drawn by hand with ink and coloured digitally.



"Vibe Ace" by Kevin MacLeod

Sound Effects

Concept & Creation

Back in 2015, 20th Century Fox ran a competition with Talenthouse encouraging Visual Artists of any discipline, from illustrators to muralists to sculptors to video makers, to create and submit works inspired by the Peanut's Gang. Selected works were to be displayed at a CineEurope Launch Party in Barcelona. 

I hadn't tried 2d animation before this point, but having just purchased my 1st lightbox, peg bar, a box of hole-punched paper and a copy of Richard E. Williams Animator's Survival Kit, I thought creating an animated submission would be good practice. 


Inspired by a Charles M. Schulz quote regarding Woodstock knowing "that he is very small and inconsequential indeed",  I concocted a silly scene featuring a giant Woodstock waking Snoopy from a nap before scooping him up for a flight. Although paired down visually, I tried my best to match Snoopy's signature look and completed the video in 20 days.

Unfortunately 20th Century Fox opted to select static artworks for their launch party! But my entry was quite well praised online and I learned a lot completing it, namely that 2d Animation is hard, but a very rewarding process that I wanted to do more of. 

Line Art from the animated short: DREAM BIG

Animator | Director | Multimedia Artist


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