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Workshops & Mentoring

I am available for hire across Cornwall to host Animation Workshops and 1-to-1 mentoring sessions that explore the therapeutic effects of self-expression through storytelling.


With support from Cornwall Council, I have already had the privilege of working with lots of talented 10-16 year olds where it’s become evident that Animation, as well as being fun, can be a great resilience building activity by combining creativity and problem-solving skills:  

Small group sessions are perfect for developing social skills and collaborative spirit. 


When working with individuals, I tailor activities to the young person’s interests, with input from their support workers, teachers, or parents. 


I hold an enhanced DBS certificate and am currently studying advanced counselling and Psychotherapy skills to level 4. 


If you are a local school, organisation or parent that would like to hire me for animation workshops or individual creative counselling sessions, get in touch to discuss! CV and references available on request. 

Have a scroll down to look at some of our previous projects:

Leo & Lenny

Leo and Lenny is a short film about the importance of empathy, forgiveness and teamwork - with alien abductions and dogs to boot! 

After an initial meeting with the young person and his support worker to determine appropriate subject matter, I planned and delivered 4 sessions in school that took the young person through the steps of creating a 2d paper-cut out stop motion short film.

Once completed, I produced a keepsake booklet of what we had created, with tips and reminders of techniques we used. 



Beerbohm the Yoga Cat

When things feel a bit hectic or worrying take a moment to breathe slowly and watch Beerbohm stretch your stress away... 

Beerbohm the Yoga Cat was a hand-drawn looping short film created by a 11 year old girl, whom I tutored over several sessions.


Although local, every session was done remotely over webcams due to the social distancing measures in place during the Covid Pandemic! 

Fish Finger

Fish Finger learns all about managing the emotions of himself and others in this mixed media animated short film.

Fish Finger began life as a 10 year old's doodle: The young person's support worker had been using painted rocks to explain different emotional states and approached me with the idea that his fish drawing, the rocks, and his interest in YouTube content creation could be combined into a beneficial film project for him.  

Over 3 sessions in school, we wrote a storyboard, created additional characters and did both 2D and stop motion animation.    

Online Flipbook Tutorials

With social restrictions in place at the start of the Pandemic, we were unable to host in-person workshops. So Headstart Kernow requested some animation activities that could be done by young people at home.

In the 1st tutorial, I give a brief introduction to animation, followed by a flipbook demo.


Later we devised a Summer Flipbook competition inviting young people to print out looping animated sequences I had drawn to colour, modify or add to themselves! 



Animator | Director | Multimedia Artist


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