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Photo of Animator, Hannah Anastasi. With a feline friend...


Hello reader! My name is Hannah Anastasi and I am a Multimedia Artist, based in the South West of the UK. By day I am an Independent Animator & Director, by night a Visual Artist and during any remaining time in-between, you can usually find me befriending neighbourhood felines...

I specialise in creating animated content for clients as a Freelancer. I also make my own short films and have experience teaching animation to 10-16 year olds in small groups, or 1-to-1 as a mentor.

My multidisciplinary background allows me to work in a variety of roles: from contributing art & design-work to projects, to conceiving, pitching and producing new ideas from scratch.

Having grown up in the 90's, exposed to all sorts of Animated Feature Films, cartoons and video-games from both the East and West, I am very passionate about traditional 2D & mixed-media Animation. I think it's important to keep traditional methods of animation alive as an art form in an increasingly digitalised age of entertainment, and to use new techologies to facilitate that process when needed.


I carry this sentiment through to my commercial & personal work, where I try to bring a touch of hand-crafted style whenever possible.


I'm interested in working with enthusiastic people across the TV, Film and Video-game industries, and would love a chance to help bring your ideas and characters to life!


CV available upon request.




Photo of Animator, Hannah Anastasi. With a feline friend!
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