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LG V20 (2016)

"Life is good when you play more!"

A Looping stop-motion animation inspired by origami, that was made to advertise the LG V20's 120-degree wide angle lens feature. Design assets were created by hand, photographed and then animated in Photoshop.

Music: "Amazing Plan" by Kevin Mcleoud

Sound effects:


LG wanted to challenge visual artists from around the world to create multi-media artwork that showed how the LG V20 wide angle cameras could benefit your everyday life.

The LG Mobile marketing team were looking for creative images with a fun and playful tone in any visual form, providing no photography was used. Artists were required to include at least one product shot of the LG V20, but could choose whether or not to include the LG logo in their works.

I thought that the best way to communicate the idea of a widening lens feature would be to have an uneventful scene, that suddenly transforms into something exciting when the lens feature is enabled. A rare event that people would want to record or capture on camera; like a meteor shower, or a whale sighting!

Thinking that the imagery of a whale leaping out of calm waters over a boat of unsuspecting holiday-makers would be more surprising, that's the idea that I decided to develop.

At first, I wanted to make origami figures and shoot the scene on film, but instead opted for 2D paper models that I painted. The way in which I folded and creased the paper gave the pieces a little relief so that when I did scan them, they appeared to look more three-dimensional than they actually were. I was then able to move the pieces around within Photoshop to create a frame-by frame stop-motion scene that could be inserted into the screen of the phone provided by LG. I used a scan of some sandpaper for the background texture, hoping it would imply a sandy beach!

Photo showing some of the Paper Craft for LG Origami Animated advertisement.
Photo showing some of the Paper Craft for LG Origami Animated advertisement.

The final video was selected by LG, and along with five other Artists, was used across LG's Official Facebook pages and their Instagram account.

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