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#SoFiveYearsAgo (2017)

"Too many gadgets? So five years ago!"

Short animation commissioned via Talenthouse for Microsoft and Currys PC World's #SoFiveYearsAgo media campaign, to encourage women to upgrade their tech. The animation was hand-drawn on paper and then coloured digitally in Photoshop.

Music: "Sunday Drive" by Silent Partner

Sound effects:


Microsoft and Currys PC World invited creators to submit visual artwork that could customers to upgrade their tech by highlighting how much things can change in just five years.

The brief stated that the visuals could be photography, GIFs, short form video no longer than 30 seconds, graphic design, or illustration. The main specification was that it be something women would take notice of. Something that could encourage the female target audience to consider upgrading their tech.

After considering the guidelines, I thought about how many modern women have collected all sorts of tech-related gadgets that only add to the clutter and chaos of their place of work. By simply upgrading to a Smartphone or Tablet, perhaps they could finally reclaim their sorely missed desk space and in the process, lower their stress levels!

Because the animation needed to be short and shareable, I came up with the simple idea of showing a "before & after" view of a woman's desk: the first featuring a laptop hooked up to all sorts of devices, the second being an uncluttered space with the woman's laptop having been replaced with a tablet.

Keeping the target market in mind - but not wanting to make something that was too stereotypically feminine - I decided to use a sketchy, hand-drawn style. I tried to keep the colour scheme relatively soft, but used warmer colours on the second scene to make it look more inviting!

I also made a GIF version of the design to demonstrate how the concept could look in a square format for sharing across social media platforms.

#SoFiveYearsAgo GIF for Currys PC World.

Ultimately, Currys PC World and Microsoft selected my video submission. The final video was published along with ten other Selected Artist's work, on the Currys PC World official website and was also used on a few of their TechTalk articles.

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